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6 harmful news fables about sex and Latinas

6 harmful news fables about sex and Latinas

Stop stigmatizing us as you dimensional characters — either voluptuous seductresses or submissive maids

Erika L. Sanchez

February 3, 2014 3:00AM (UTC)

This short article originally showed up on AlterNet.

If you decide to think your tv, you would think all Latinas are immaculately dressed spitfires or maids that are docile. With regards to Latino people—especially women—it’s as though the television got stuck into the 1950s.

While these identities aren’t in on their own wrong or harmful, the situation is based on the reality that they are the only portrayals people are subjected to. Some people really like hoop-earrings and tight-fitting leopard-print skirts. Many of us are hardworking maids. Some people are extremely educated. Many of us are intimately assertive. Many of us can’t stand sex after all. Like everybody else, we are people with countless complex experiences, desires and identities.

Some may argue that it is only TV, so just why make such a hassle? A study from through the Hispanic Media Coalition, ” The effect of Media Stereotypes on Opinions and Attitudes Towards Latinos, ” unearthed that “the most often held Latino stereotypes operate parallel to those mirrored within the media. ” Whenever individuals had been expected to remember the forms of functions they see Latinos play in tv and movie, their top three answers had been unlawful or gang user, gardener or landscaper and maid or housekeeper. Inevitably, experience of most of these roles will influence real world.

The report additionally discovered that although non-Latinos, for the most component, report having regular relationship with Latinos (44 % on a daily basis), being knowledgeable about Latino tradition (74 % state these are generally notably or really familiar), just 30 % say they actually know numerous Latinos (27 per cent understand two or fewer). Significantly more than a 3rd (38 per cent) connect to Latinos as soon as a month.

Impressionable individuals, those lacking skills that are critical-thinking people who have no Latino buddies are prone to these misconceptions. These objectives aren’t just irritating, these are typically dehumanizing and exhausting. I am talking about, just how can all ladies from 21 nations, like the united states of america, all have a similar identities that are sexual? Let us stop thinking in binaries, individuals.

Here you will find the six many typical misconceptions Latinas are fed up with coping with.

1. We are exotic. Exactly exactly What amuses me personally relating to this one is it appears as though we are unusual jungle animals. We as soon as possessed a fellow ask me personally where I became from because I’d a “very exotic nose. ” (in addition, i am from Chicago and my nose is my nose that is damn! Kat Lazo best latin brides, a Colombian and Peruvian feminist media activist, distributed to me personally her experience of being the actual only real Latina in her own white neighborhood. She states the men thought of her as “something foreign. ” The pickup line that is worst she actually is have you ever heard? “You’re the many exotic flower we’ve ever seen. ” Whoa.

In accordance with the 2011 U.S. Census Bureau populace estimates, roughly 52 million Hispanics reside in the usa, representing about 16.7 percent associated with U.S. Total population. Which makes folks of Hispanic origin the country’s biggest ethnic or battle minority. The U.S. Hispanic population for July 1, 2050 is predicted to achieve 132.8 million, constituting roughly 30 % regarding the U.S. Populace. Exactly just How exotic are we, actually? Does “exotic” simply suggest non-white because white may be the standard? Fellas, do not ever, ever make use of that term to anyone. Really.

2. We are hypersexual. Because we originate from such hot exotic climes, Latinas and black colored ladies (take note that some Latinas may also be black colored) are anticipated to desire intercourse 24 hours a day. Does not matter whenever or where, we just can not assist ourselves! Life time’s “Devious Maids” has been justifiably eviscerated kept and suitable for that really reason. The direction they been able to cram therefore stereotypes that are many one show almost causes my head explode. Dior Vargas, a Latina feminist activist, has seen this expectation play down inside her expert life. In a job that is previous she ended up being the actual only real Latina on the group. When all of the men she worked with began hitting because they assumed she was promiscuous on her, she felt it was. She claims it is a whole lot worse on her behalf cousin. “My sis is darker-skinned and guys assume that she sleeps around and is more sexual, ” she states.

Regrettably, this pigeon-hole does not only impact the means other people perceive us, moreover it influences the way we see ourselves. Also understanding that these portrayals are absurd, some people might additionally belong to the trap. The news is effective. Not only this, exactly what then have that stifling stereotype always hovering over you if you choose to be sexually assertive but? “Is that an integral part of me personally because we assumed which is the way I’m allowed to be? ” Vargas miracles. This mistaken belief can actually wreck havoc on our psyches, so please let us all just allow it perish. All of us are biologically the exact same, therefore Latinas obviously don’t possess a greater propensity for intercourse.



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